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The names are like music, Ma-ayon, Milibili, Pilar, Dayhagan, San Antonio Cuartero.  I started to look for some places on Google Maps, but I couldn’t find them. I found their longitudes and latitudes on Wikimapia, and that’s how I put them on the map.

These are the rural places in Capiz province, on the island of Panay in the Philippines. The horrific winds of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda in the Philippines), wiped out villages and left the struggling survivors to pick up the pieces while out of contact with the outside world.

The messages came to me through Facebook message boards.

Please help, I am in Qatar. I cannot reach my family.

I am in Spain, I haven’t heard from my mother.

I am in Saudi Arabia, my family has not received aid.

I cannot contact my relatives

There is no power in my town

My mother said they only received aid one time and only a little.

My family was not given aid because they voted for the opponent.

And at the end of every message,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

I was gathering material for a blog article when I stumbled into these Facebook groups.

Unfiltered by government agencies, out of the limelight of the media storm surrounding other parts of typhoon ravaged Visayas, the message boards paint a picture of frustration, patience, and hope. The hope is that a random stranger looking for information might get help from the outside world.

I started to look at some of these places online, before the typhoon, they were beautiful.

I saw green rice fields bordered by coconut trees. There are ocean vistas and the quaint municipal halls of the Philippine countryside. I saw sunny and bright fiestas and processions. I saw a beautiful, verdant, fertile land .The pleas have the voices of the family members far away. They feel so helpless. Please help, please, please help.

I’ve been looking at the faces of the parade of death and resurrection over these past twelve days. I know people who survived because they were able to climb into the rafters of their sea side homes. I know someone who lost his daughter and granddaughters. A good friend of mine is still waiting to hear from his friends.

If anyone knows anyone who can get the word out, can you please put in a word for these places? International aid is pouring in, but there are rural places that haven’t been reached yet as of today. Please forward this to people you know who might know someone.  Please forward it, Tweet it, tell someone you heard.  Thank you.


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