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Blustery Day

dsc00021The sky today was steel gray with a high wind. All day long leaves rained from the maple trees coating the sidewalks with a quiet gold. It was beautiful in a storm-tossed way. It was mysterious and noble and made one want to walk straighter and hold one’s head up high.

After mass this afternoon, we went to the bookstore to attend to the children’s many small requests. I called Mama in California, and spent an hour on Facebook, looking at friends’ photo albums.

For dinner I made a vegan curry with Trader Joe’s green curry simmer sauce, green beans with sesame oil and garlic, and brown rice. There was also the leftover lasagna that mimics a meat lasagna and got a gold star from my remaining carnivore son.

I finished “Sins of the Innocent” by Mireille Marokvia. It ended quietly, with her reunion with her husband. They both survived the World War II in Germany and moved to New York after the war and their life started anew and with abundance right away.

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