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She thought as she did so often, what will happen when the long awaited time comes? Life had been an unending quest, stopping and starting, rising and falling again. Was everything about to change? What should she be looking for, she thought? An omen? No birds were singing. No bouquet hanging from a door. No mysterious visitor smiling behind round glasses and a red hat.

Was the time here at last? She thought of all the years of scrimping and working and hoping. She thought of all the trips not taken, the weddings unattended, the funerals forgone because there wasn’t any money.

She thought of all the prayers answered, the repetitive moments of grace when everything fell into her lap anyway. Will I have to give this up?

She thought of all these things as she stirred the rice in the wok, mixing rice with garlic and sprinking it with soy sauce, folding in eggs.

She looked out the window and saw the sun reflect off the neighbors windows. She thought of the view of the neighbors houses, neatly lined up from the upstairs windows. Will we have to move into a bigger house?

She could hear it in her husband’s voice. Through the doors of his office, she heard him say, “Great! Well done!”

He came into the kitchen and said the words that changed everything. He was smiling, but not overly so. “I just got off of the phone.”, he said, “They said, “So, how are you feeling? This is really big.”

She knew then, that the lean years were over. She didn’t feel exactly like dancing, because life was already good the way it was at the moment. She did feel, though, that an unknown door had opened, and all she had to do, was step through.

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