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It was a dreary afternoon -the warmish, dampish, winter sort of afternoon that makes fog dense and blots out the sun completely. My dear husband took me to an antique store, where I could console my sun-hungry eyes with other senses, the whiff of mothballs on old lace, the smell of old books and leather, the lemony balm of wood polish. We spent the afternoon wandering the halls of an old mill building with rooms and rooms of old things and I stumbled into a magazine store.

I was sorting through a stack of old copies of Life Magazine, and this jumped out at me. Five dollars later, it was on its way home with me, to be scanned and shared. Click the link and it will take you over to Scribd and my Bright Wings Media account.


Christmas on Corregidor by President Manuel L. Quezon published by Liberty Magazine, December 25, 1943.

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