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The world is big, the world is small. I’m taking a class at H called, Positive Psychology. For a reasonable sum, I get to convene with people from around the world and hash out the concept of Happiness. Why the heck, you might wonder, would I want to do this?

Because of my childhood, because of my past life, because I want to have the best life I can right now. It’s amazing what you run into when you’re looking. Because of my class, I ran into Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project. She’s studying it full time, she’s living it full time. Her link is on the bottom of this page.

I figure if I combine this with living an authentic Catholic life, then I’ll truly have the best of all worlds.

I love poking around the Internet to see what I can see. Every day is a treasure hunt. The world is large and full of people of good will.

This is the thing. The world is so big. It would cost us $10,000 to take my family back to the Philippines. That would be the airfare. It’s far away and I don’t want to go without my kids. One day. Till then….there’s email and texting and Skype and visits. And the Internet, which is a constant window where once only imagination stood.

Late at night my smart phone twitters at me. It’s a message from my daughter 3.5 hours away in New York. Back in forth in the dark we go, punching out one liners. I feel the umbilical chord, now keeping me sustained as I launch my life’s work, my legacy, my history moving forward in time with a totally new person with a totally different history.Who knows what the world will be like when she is my age? What technology will be invented?

I download the song that she wrote and listen to it. There’s her voice, the voice that used to reverberate through our house, now enchanting new ears across the Internet and next week when she has her opening at a Brooklyn coffeehouse.

I tell Bud, given the families and pasts we came from, it’s quite a feat to have raised such a positive, forward moving person. And there are 5 more behind her.

In the middle of the night, I get a text from Bohol. It’s one of my oldest friends who has just given a workshop on making home shrines “urnas” they are called. Back and forth we go, me asking questions about his island. Sunset or sunrise side? Sunset, he texts back.

In the morning a Facebook message comes in from a friend in Scotland. “Can’t believe you saw a whole family of redheds!” He came to dinner every week for a school year.

I send email to a friend whose company is hit by the Wall St. crash, “we will survive”, he says.

And on and on…the world is big and we are all wide eyed wanderers.

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