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Wreaths of Smiles

December moves along with all its birthdays and the general celebration of the month. Rosie, who is our true family historian keeps tabs of traditions and enforces them with zeal.

This year she insisted, in this season of finals and general upheaval, that she needed to make a new wreath.
The relentless chime that began with, “Mama, if we can, can we go to the craft store….”

Yesterday, we found ourselves in the middle of a massive Michael’s which is a wonderful  temple of ideas that I know nothing about.

Armed with a new wreath form, and florist wire, we returned home with the girls (for this was a girl’s outing) all belting, “Oh, Holy Night”, with Bud’s baritone offering the soothing bass line.

Once home, this princess of persuasion was working alongside her extremely busy sister, Ana-Maria and working holly branches from our own holly bush through the green frame.

The evening ended with the aromas of Christmas cookies. Now, lest any of you dear readers even begin to think that I am a Martha of any sort, I insist I am not. People who know me know I am the least adept at the art of homemaking crafts.
I have made it 52 years with hardly ever lifting a Christmas finger. In my family it was my mother and older sister who decked the halls. In my own sweet family, I did have another approach.

I figured, reading about psychology and memory, that if I managed to implant key happy associations in their young minds, the hard work would be done!

So I made endless rounds of “Busy Day Cake” and Duncan Hines boxed cakes. I put on Martina McBride’s “Oh Holy Night”, and watched them aged then, 7,5,3,and 1, belt along with me. I added ABBA in, and of course, Wilson Phillips, “Hey Santa!”.

So in the winter of 2008, the days shorten and like magic, the day after Thanksgiving, like a Christmas version of Cinderella’s Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo, the tree comes out of the garage, the carols come on, the tree is decorated.

img_1239-11 Now we are in the season of baking where they must cook, and they cook for real. No boxed mixes for this bunch.
I’m along for the jolly ride.

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