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Yesterday, a little package came through the mail slot and landed on the floor. It was the advanced reader’s copy of Anne Rice’s latest book, her memoir entitled, “Called Out of Darkness“.

I heard about this book and went on a hunt for it. I found an advance reader copy on eBay, and that is how I got the book.

To call the book beautiful is inadequate. It is profoundly beautiful, breathtaking. The book is poignant, and makes me deeply wistful for that lost era.

What she describes is an intact Catholic culture in Pre-Vatican II New Orleans. She grew up in a kind family, that had aunts and uncles and cousins. Her parents were gentle people.

She had a wonderful mother, who created a rich home life full of beauty and music and poetry.

Sadness creeps in with the death of her mother, and later on she leaves the faith and becomes an atheist. Her daughter dies. She becomes a famous author. Decades pass. Her husband dies. She leaves New Orleans.

Sometime recently, she has come back to the faith. I’m still reading it, so I don’t know how things shift.

Her young childhood in a happy family where she was deeply loved is a lush banquet.

I can hardly read it without crying for all sorts of lost things. If you are a Catholic of a certain age, it cracks your heart open.

It will be released on the Feast of the Rosary, October 7th. If you are a Catholic of a certain age, or a Catholic who is looking for our lost civilization, or have a love of beauty, or collect memoirs, this a a gift for yourself.

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